British Mathematical Olympiad

Christopher Bradley elegance prize (2014–2023)

There was an annual prize available to entrants of the British Mathematical Olympiad round 2, in memory of Christopher Bradley. The award was known as the “Christopher Bradley elegance prize”, and was awarded to the candidate or candidates who, in the opinion of the markers, had submitted the most elegant solution or solutions to a BMO2 problem or problems. The maximum prize in any one year was £500 (which was adjusted for inflation from time to time). This sum, or a smaller sum, was awarded to a single individual or divided among several individuals in any way that the markers saw fit. In some years, the prize was not awarded. In the event that the markers were unable to agree on the distribution of a Christopher Bradley prize in a given year, the final decision rested with the chair of the marking committee.

The prize was funded by the royalties of Christopher Bradley’s UKMT books, kindly donated by his heirs in Christopher’s memory.

See the original announcement of the prize.

2014Edward Kirkby and Linden Ralph
2015Not awarded
2016Warren Li, Neel Nanda and Alevtina Studenikina
2017Harvey Yau
2018Not awarded
2019Yuka Machino, Ang Boon Han Nathaniel and Timothy Wallace
2020Not awarded
2021Not awarded
2022Not awarded
2023Not awarded