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(15 March 2017)

The Romanian Master of Mathematics information now includes Dominic Yeo’s report on RMM 2017.

(26 February 2017)

The UK team in the Romanian Master of Mathematics competition have achieved the following results, coming 2nd out of 19 teams in the team competition (determined by the sum of the top three scores from each team as per the competition rules). The medal boundaries are 32 for gold, 24 for silver and 18 for bronze.

Name Q1Q2Q3Q4Q5Q6TotalMedal
Joe Benton 7 6 7 7 7 034Gold Medal
Rosie Cates 7 0 0 3 7 017Honourable Mention
Neel Nanda 7 7 2 7 7 030Silver Medal
Thomas Read 7 0 0 7 7 021Bronze Medal
Alex Song 7 0 0 3 1 112Honourable Mention
Harvey Yau 7 7 7 7 7 035Gold Medal

(25 February 2017)

The problems (day 1, day 2) from this year’s Romanian Master of Mathematics competition, sat yesterday and today, are now available

(10 February 2017)

The sixth European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad will be held in Zürich, Switzerland, 6–12 April. The UK team will be:

Rosie CatesHills Road Sixth Form College
Melissa QuailLongsands Academy
Alevtina StudenikinaCheltenham Ladies’ College
Naomi WeiCity of London School for Girls

The reserve is Emily Beatty of King Edward VII School, Sheffield. The Team Leader is Jo Harbour of Mayfield Primary School, Cambridge and the Deputy Leader is Jenny Owladi of the Bank of England; Kasia Warburton (Trinity College, Cambridge) will be Observer with Contestants.

Our thanks to Man Group for their support of the EGMO team.

(8 February 2017)

The Christopher Bradley elegance prize is awarded to Harvey Yau (Ysgol Dyffryn Taf), for his solution of BMO2 problem 1.

(7 February 2017)

RIP Brian Wilson, BMOS volunteer, of RHBNC (now Royal Holloway University of London). Brian died on Saturday February 4th. He was a longstanding widely respected and much loved colleague who had an infectious smile and a profound commitment to mathematics and mathematics competitions.

Details of the time and place of Brian’s cremation on March 1st may be obtained on application to the chair of BMOS, Geoff Smith (

(5 February 2017, late scores added 20 and 23 February, New Zealand scores added 9 March)

BMO Round 2 was marked in London on 4 February. Invitations to the Trinity training camp will be sent shortly to selected candidates eligible to represent the UK at the IMO, and details of marks will be sent to schools. The following candidates scored 21 or more out of 40. (Some candidates from other countries also sat the paper, with their scripts being marked using the same mark schemes, and high scores from those countries are also indicated below when available.)

Joe Benton40
Neel Nanda40
Thomas Read40
Harvey Yau40
Lee Kyung Chan39
Yuta Tsuchiya32
Zherui Xu32
Hugo Aaronson30
Rosie Cates30
Nathan Creighton30
Michael Ng30
Thomas Pycroft30
Naomi Wei30
Artem Baryshnikov29
Andrew Yian Chen (New Zealand)29
Jacob Coxon29
Sam Bealing28
Isuru Shavinda Jayasekera27
Chengran Yang27
Jacob Mair26
Alex Song26
Alex Chen25
Zhuangfei Shang25
Alevtina Studenikina25
Benedict Randall Shaw24
Emily Beatty23
Yiannis Fam (New Zealand)23
Melissa Quail23
Matthew Richmond23
Lennie Wells23
Agnijo Banerjee22
Sithipont Cholsaipant22
Raymond Douglas22
Charlie Hu22
Stacey Wenting Tian (New Zealand)22
Bruce Xu22
Mengzhen Liu21
Sophie McInerney21
Matthew Penn21

(27 January 2017)

This year’s BMO Round 2 paper was taken yesterday.

(6 January 2017, staff updated 26 January)

The UK will compete in the Romanian Master of Mathematics competition in 2017, to be held in Bucharest, 22–27 February. The Team Leader will be Dominic Yeo (Technion) and the Deputy Leader will be James Gazet (Eton College); Mary Teresa Fyfe (formerly of Hutchesons’ Grammar School) will be Observer with Contestants. The UK team will be:

Joe BentonSt Paul’s School
Rosie CatesHills Road Sixth Form College
Neel NandaLatymer School
Thomas ReadThe Perse School
Alex SongWestminster School
Harvey YauYsgol Dyffryn Taf

The reserve will be Nathan Creighton (Mossbourne Community Academy).

(19 December 2016, New Zealand results added 22 December 2016)

BMO Round 1 was marked in Cambridge on 9–11 December. (Some candidates from other countries also sat the paper, with their scripts being marked using the same mark schemes, and high scores from those countries are also indicated below when available.) The following candidates scored 51 or more out of 60.

Joe Benton60
Alex Chen60
Neel Nanda60
Michael Ng60
Thomas Read60
Harvey Yau60
Dougie Dolleymore59
Eric Chen58
Hugo Aaronson57
Agnijo Banerjee57
Kyung Chan Lee56
Thomas Pycroft56
Zherui Xu54
Pino Cholsaipant53
Amelia Rout53
Zhuangfei Shang53
Rosie Cates52
Ryan Lee52
Protik Moulik52
John Bamford51
Sam Bealing51
Andrew Yian Chen (New Zealand)51
Nathan Creighton51
Weida Liao51
Alex Song51
Roan Talbut51
Yicen Tian51
Shilin Wu51

(17 December 2016)

The following participants in the UK Mathematical Olympiad for Girls (UK MOG) scored 30 or more out of 50 and have been awarded book prizes.

Alevtina Studenikina44
Wendi Fan43
Phoebe Jackson42
Zijia (Emily) Li40
Katherine Horton39
Shuqi Huang39
Melissa Quail36
Georgina Lang35
Aalia Adam34
Louisa Cullen34
Hannah Erlebach34
Naomi Bazlov33
Fiona Wilson33
Emilia Feldman32
Niamh Lister32
Florence Miller32
Megumi Sano32
Andrea Sendula32
Naomi Wei32
Siana Zhekova32
Molly Barker31
Emma Brown31
Weida Liao31
Amelia Rout31
Alice Vaughan-Williams31
Kristina Buck30
Coral Dalitz30
Yilan (Ellen) Jiang30
Roan Talbut30
Chloe Thickett30
Ruihua Zhang30

(3 December 2016)

This year’s BMO Round 1 paper was taken yesterday; video solutions are temporarily available online. Production facilities for the video were donated by the University of Bath Audio Visual Unit.

(12 October 2016)

The UK Mathematical Olympiad for Girls (UK MOG) paper was taken yesterday. Solutions are also available; these will be expanded after marking. The paper will be marked on the weekend of 22–23 October.

(6 October 2016)

The slides from Zuming Feng’s IMO lecture at the Science Museum are now available. A short version is available as well.