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(22 July 2020)

The inaugural Cyberspace Mathematical Competition was held on 13th and 14th July 2020. This invitational online contest was organised by the Mathematical Association of America and the Art of Problem Solving. The UK team of eight students in Years 11 and 12 was chosen based on the results of the virtual selection tests in April.

The problems of the contest can be found here.

The UK team placed 11th out of 75 participating countries and our students achieved the following excellent individual results (out of the maximum 56 marks):

Wilf Ashworth34Bronze Medal
Thomas Frith33Bronze Medal
Mohit Hulse37Silver Medal
Samuel Liew38Silver Medal
Yuka Machino39Silver Medal
Jenni Voon25Bronze Medal
Tommy Walker Mackay38Silver Medal
Sherman Yip35Silver Medal

Congratulations to all students involved for some impressive solutions to the problems of this contest, and thanks to Dr Vesna Kadelburg for leading the UK team’s participation, and to the co-leaders Emily Beatty, Joe Benton, Robin Bhattacharyya, Kasia Warburton and Dr Dominic Yeo who assisted with marking.

(1 June 2020, updated 5 June)

The 2020 edition of the annual residential olympiad camp, due to be hosted at Trinity College, Cambridge, was cancelled because of the UK’s Coronavirus lockdown. In its place, BMOS organised a virtual camp, held April 6th to April 9th, for the twenty-six invited students, with lectures and problem-solving sessions delivered via video-conferencing software by a team of twelve volunteers. Following this, two rounds of selection tests were conducted online during the weekends of 25th April and 30th May. Based on these results, the students to represent UK at IMO 2020 are:

Samuel LiewThe West Bridgford School
Yuka MachinoMillfield School
Benedict Randall ShawWestminster School
Aron ThomasDame Alice Owen’s School
Tommy Walker MackayStretford Grammar School
Sherman YipTonbridge School

The reserves are:

Thomas Frith (first reserve)Horsforth School / Abbey Park High School
Sarah GleghornSkipton Girls’ High School
Sarah HendersonHighgate School
Mohit HulseSri Kumaran Public School

Congratulations to all students who qualified for these final rounds, and thanks to their parents and guardians for supporting the exams, and to our team of volunteers for setting and marking the papers, and leading discussions with the students. Thanks also are due to Oxford Asset Management for their support of the UK IMO programme in 2019–2020.

IMO 2020, originally planned for St. Petersburg, will now be hosted by Russia in an online format. The two papers will be sat on September 21st and 22nd. BMOS hopes that it will be possible for the UK team and their leaders to be together in one venue for IMO 2020, and we will offer updates and further details when the possibilities are more clear.

(21 April 2020)

The UK team in the ninth European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad have achieved the following results, coming 5th out of 53 participating teams (4th out of 39 official European teams). The medal boundaries are 26 for gold, 18 for silver and 11 for bronze.

Name Q1Q2Q3Q4Q5Q6TotalMedal
Naomi Bazlov 7 2 1 7 7 0 24Silver Medal
Sarah Gleghorn 2 0 3 7 7 0 19Silver Medal
Sarah Henderson 1 0 2 2 7 0 12Bronze Medal
Yuka Machino 7 7 7 7 7 1 36Gold Medal

(18 April 2020)

The problems (day 1, day 2) from the ninth European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad, held as a virtual competition because of the COVID-19 pandemic, are now available. The problems were submitted by Australia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Slovakia, the United Kingdom and Denmark, respectively; problem 5 is by Agnijo Banerjee.

(16 March 2020)

The Cambridge IMO camp, scheduled for 31 March to 5 April, has been cancelled, as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 situation. Obviously this is a great shame for the invited students and the volunteer staff. Our thoughts are also with all students, volunteers and their families who might be facing challenges or uncertainty this week and over the coming period. BMO will be in touch with affected students as and when it becomes more clear what form IMO programme activities can reasonably take for the rest of this academic year.

(11 March 2020)

The UK IMO training and selection camp is scheduled to be held at Trinity College, Cambridge, 31 March–5 April. The UKMT is keeping the situation and government advice under continuous review, and liaising with Trinity College. We will update students and parents as soon as possible if changes to the camp become necessary. We are working on contingency plans for some of the camp programme, including selection tests, to be delivered remotely.

(1 March 2020)

The UK participants in the Romanian Master of Mathematics competition have achieved the following results, coming 5th out of 19 teams in the team competition. The medal boundaries are 29 for gold, 24 for silver and 18 for bronze. Problem 2, a UK submission, is by Dominic Yeo.

Name Q1Q2Q3Q4Q5Q6TotalMedal
Wilfred Ashworth 3 7 0 6 0 016Honourable Mention
Sarah Gleghorn 7 1 0 7 0 015Honourable Mention
Yuka Machino 7 2 0 7 0 319Bronze Medal
Aron Thomas 7 1 7 7 0 123Bronze Medal
Tommy Walker Mackay 7 6 0 7 7 229Gold Medal
Sherman Yip 7 2 0 6 0 015Honourable Mention

(13 February 2020)

The 9th European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad will be held in Egmond aan Zee, Netherlands, 15–21 April. The UK team will be:

Naomi BazlovKing Edward VI High School for Girls, Birmingham
Sarah GleghornSkipton Girls’ High School
Sarah HendersonHighgate School
Yuka MachinoMillfield School

The reserve is Shuqi Huang of Westminster School. The Team Leader is Jenny Owladi of the Bank of England and the Deputy Leader is Kasia Warburton of Trinity College, Cambridge.

(12 February 2020)

BMO Round 2 was marked in London on 8 February. The following candidates scored 25 or more out of 40.

Jirayus Jinapong38
Benedict Randall Shaw32
Aron Thomas31
Wilfred Ashworth30
Thomas Frith30
Sean Jaffe30
Jonathan Lee30
Samuel Liew30
Yuka Machino30
Mohit Hulse29
Naomi Bazlov28
Joseph Devine26
Daniel Kaddaj26
Andrew Roberts26
Linus Luu25
Chester Smith25
Tommy Walker Mackay25

(31 January 2020)

This year’s BMO Round 2 paper was taken yesterday. The problems were by Sam Maltby, Sam Bealing, Dominic Yeo and Jeremy King, respectively.

(16 January 2020)

Video of Jeremy King’s IMO lecture at Central Hall Westminster is now available.

(11 January 2020)

The markers’ report on BMO1, with discussions of different approaches to the problems, is now available.

(8 January 2020)

Professor Walter Hayman FRS, who co-founded the British Mathematical Olympiad together with his late wife Margaret, has died on 1 January. For more information on his career, see the notice from the London Mathematical Society.

(5 January 2020)

Following the annual IMO Winter School held in Hungary, 27 December to 4 January, the students to represent the UK at the Romanian Master of Mathematics competition have been selected as:

Wilfred AshworthSutton Grammar School for Boys
Sarah GleghornSkipton Girls’ High School
Yuka MachinoMillfield School
Aron ThomasDame Alice Owen’s School
Tommy Walker MackayStretford Grammar School
Sherman YipTonbridge School

The team is led by James Gazet (St. Paul’s School), Freddie Illingworth (Emmanuel College, Cambridge) and Georgina Majury (Peterhouse, Cambridge). The RMM will take place in Bucharest, 26 February–2 March.

(13 December 2019)

BMO Round 1 was marked in Cambridge on 6–8 December. The following candidates scored 50 or more out of 60.

Edward Allen60
Wilfred Ashworth60
Thomas Frith60
Jirayus Jinapong60
Samuel Liew60
Yuka Machino60
Tommy Walker Mackay60
Sherman Yip60
Brian Davies58
Soren Choi57
Sarah Gleghorn55
Sean Jaffe55
Rubaiyat Khondaker55
Benedict Randall Shaw55
Aron Thomas55
Freddie Hand54
Joe Lee54
Hoang Duc Cao53
Max Wong53
Euan Ong52
Naomi Bazlov51
Franco Ameri50
James Brownlie50
Jonathan Lee50

(9 December 2019)

BMO Round 1 was marked in Cambridge on 6–8 December. Data entry is currently ongoing. Invitations to the IMO winter camp in Hungary will be issued later this week, and the list of high-scoring students will appear on this site.

(30 November 2019)

This year’s BMO Round 1 paper was taken yesterday; video solutions are available online. Production facilities for the video were donated by the University of Bath Audio Visual Unit. The problems were by Nick MacKinnon, Tom Bowler, Daniel Griller, Daniel Griller, Dominic Rowland and Sam Bealing, respectively.

(5 November 2019)

The markers’ report for the 2019 UK Mathematical Olympiad for Girls paper is now available, including extended discussions of the problems and the approaches taken by candidates. The following participants scored 46 or more out of 50 and have been awarded book prizes.

Naomi Bazlov50
Sarah Gleghorn50
Jennifer Hu50
Suzie Huang50
Kitty Knight50
Yuhka Machino50
Louise Mitchell50
Fan Natalie50
Tamsin Sandhu50
Sophia Sergeeva50
Holly Sewell50
Emma (Yu Tong) Wei50
Sarah Henderson49
Yihua Luo49
Jessica Wang49
Weixi Wang49
Ella Warde49
Miranda Connolley48
Sara d'Attanasio48
Lily Kearney48
Eleanor Kneip48
Hannay Mia48
Heidi Rhodes James48
Jessica Richards48
Jenni Voon48
Gracie Zhou48
Claire Carlotti47
Joana Kirilova47
Weiheli Li47
Zhizhen Liu47
Abigail Tan47
Emily Wright47
Shengxi Huang46
Emily Hudson46
Sophie Hume46
Phoenix Mombru46
Leoni Pugh46

(9 October 2019)

The UK Mathematical Olympiad for Girls (UK MOG) paper was taken yesterday. Solutions are also available. The paper will be marked on the weekend of 19–20 October.

(19 July 2019)

The IMO papers were sat on 16 and 17 July. The results of the UK team members are shown below. We obtained one gold, two silver and three bronze medals and a score of 149 out of 252, coming 20th out of 112 participating countries. The medal boundaries were 31 for Gold, 24 for Silver and 17 for Bronze.

Name Q1Q2Q3Q4Q5Q6TotalMedal
Alex Darby 4 0 0 7 7 018Bronze Medal
Liam Hill 7 6 0 7 7 734Gold Medal
Tom Hillman 7 6 0 5 7 025Silver Medal
George Mears 7 6 0 7 2 022Bronze Medal
Benedict Randall Shaw 7 7 1 0 7 022Bronze Medal
Aron Thomas 7 6 1 7 7 028Silver Medal

The achievements of this year’s UK olympiad teams will be celebrated at Central Hall Westminster on Monday 23 September, when Dr Jeremy King will give the 42nd annual IMO lecture.

Our thanks to this year’s IMO supporter, Oxford Asset Management.

(17 July 2019)

The IMO 2019 papers were sat on 16 and 17 July in Bath; the problems are available. The problems were submitted by South Africa, Ukraine, Croatia, El Salvador, USA and India respectively.

Our thanks to this year’s IMO supporter, Oxford Asset Management.

(13 July 2019)

Australia has won the 12th Mathematics Ashes competition, decided on the results of today’s practice exam at the joint pre-IMO training camp in Bath; the results for the two teams were as follows, with the UK scoring a total of 77 and Australia scoring a total of 104:

CodeName Q1Q2Q3Total
UNK1Alex Darby 77014
UNK2Liam Hill 77418
UNK3Tom Hillman 77216
UNK4George Mears 700 7
UNK5Benedict Randall Shaw 710 8
UNK6Aron Thomas 75214
AUS1James Bang 77721
AUS2Andres Buritica Monroy77216
AUS3Yasiru Jayasooriya 75012
AUS4Preet Patel 15713
AUS5William Steinberg 77721
AUS6Hadyn Tang 77721

Our thanks to this year’s IMO supporter, Oxford Asset Management.