British Mathematical Olympiad

Balkan Mathematical Olympiad

The UK has competed as a guest team in the Balkan Mathematical Olympiad since 2005, with the 2008 and 2015 entries being as joint guest teams with Ireland. An olympiad photo gallery is also available.

BMOS policy is that no UK team member competes more than once in the Balkan Mathematical Olympiad; when sending teams to this competition, we aim to extend opportunities to participate in international competitions to more people rather than to send the absolutely best team. The team for this competition is generally selected at the end of the Trinity olympiad training and selection camp, along with the squad of 8 or 9 who will form the IMO team and reserve.

Teams consist of six people; the UK does not normally name a reserve. There is a single paper of four questions, each marked out of 10 points. For past papers, see Art of Problem Solving.

Balkan MO year Town Country Dates Team Leader’s report
Balkan MO 2005 Iași Romania 4–10 May HTML or PDF
Balkan MO 2006 Agros Cyprus 27 April–3 May
Balkan MO 2007 Rhodes Greece 26 April–2 May HTML or PDF
Balkan MO 2008 Ohrid Macedonia 4–10 May HTML or PDF
Balkan MO 2009 Kragujevac Serbia 28 April–4 May HTML or PDF
Balkan MO 2010 Chişinău Moldova 2–8 May HTML or PDF
Balkan MO 2011 Iași Romania 4–8 May HTML or PDF
Balkan MO 2012 Antalya Turkey 26 April–2 May HTML or PDF
Balkan MO 2013 Agros Cyprus 28 June–3 July HTML or PDF
Balkan MO 2014 Pleven Bulgaria 2–7 May
Balkan MO 2015 Athens Greece 3–8 May HTML or PDF
Balkan MO 2016 Tirana Albania 5–10 May PDF
Balkan MO 2017 Ohrid Macedonia 2–7 May PDF
Balkan MO 2018 Belgrade Serbia 7–12 May PDF
Balkan MO 2019 Chişinău Moldova 30 April–5 May PDF
Balkan MO 2020 Bușteni Romania 3–8 May not happening as planned because of COVID-19 pandemic