British Mathematical Olympiad

Current Committee Members


Mr Sam Bealing Royal London Vice-Chair
Dr James Cranch University of Sheffield
Dr Freddie Illingworth University of Oxford Secretary
Dr Vesna Kadelburg The Perse School
Professor Imre Leader Trinity College, Cambridge
Dr Joseph Myers Red Hat
Mr Dominic Rowland Winchester College
Dr Adrian Sanders ex Trinity College, Cambridge
Dr Geoff Smith University of Bath
Dr Kasia Warburton Dartmouth College
Dr Dominic Yeo King’s College London Chair

See also BMOS contact details.


All members of the BMOS together with

Mr Richard Atkins ex Oundle School
Mr Robin Bhattacharyya Trent College
Mr Philip Coggins ex Bedford School
Dr Donald Collins ex Queen Mary, University of London
Dr Ceri Fiddes Millfield School
Mrs Mary Teresa Fyfe ex Hutchesons’ Grammar School
Mr James Gazet St. Paul’s School, London
Professor Ben Green Magdalen College, Oxford
Dr Jeremy King Tonbridge School
Mrs Patricia King Benenden School, Kent
Dr Gerry Leversha ex St. Paul’s School, London
Professor Adam McBride University of Strathclyde
Dr Alan Pears ex King’s College, London
Dr Zhivko Stoyanov St. Paul’s School, London
Dr Alan West ex University of Leeds