British Mathematical Olympiad

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29 November: BMO Round 1
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In addition to the formal committee membership, many people help in BMOS activities in various ways, and many of those people are not committee members. The following lists are not exhaustive but list some of the main activities people help with. Many volunteers are listed in the UKMT Yearbooks and the UKMT staff play important roles in many activities. Separate lists are available of people helping in recent past years:

International competitions

Standing appointments

IMO Board President (2019–2022) Dr Geoff Smith University of Bath

Staff for 2019–2020

IMO 2020 Team Leader
IMO 2020 Deputy Leader
IMO 2020 Observer with Contestants
RMM 2020 Team Leader
RMM 2020 Deputy Leader
RMM 2020 Observer with Contestants
EGMO 2020 Team Leader
EGMO 2020 Deputy Leader
Balkan MO 2020 Team Leader
Balkan MO 2020 Deputy Leader

Training camps 2019–2020

Many other people help staff these camps and are sometimes listed in the UKMT Yearbooks.

Oxford camp 2019 organizer Mr James Gazet St. Paul’s School, London
Hungary camp 2019–2020 UK staff
Trinity camp 2020 director
Trinity camp 2020 local organizer
IMO selection camp 2020 organizers


BMO setting committee members and BMO1 markers are listed in the UKMT Yearbooks.

Director of olympiad training Dr Dominic Yeo University of Oxford
Advanced Mentoring setting Mr Richard Freeland Trinity College, Cambridge
Mr Warren Li Trinity College, Cambridge
BMO setting (chair) Mr Dominic Rowland Winchester College
MOG setting (chair) Dr Vesna Kadelburg The Perse School
International problem selection Mr Joe Benton Trinity College, Cambridge
Dr Dominic Yeo University of Oxford
BMO1 DVD (introduction and organization) Dr Geoff Smith University of Bath
BMO1 marking weekend (organization) Dr Ian Jackson Tonbridge School
BMO2 marking (organization) Dr James Cranch University of Sheffield
BMO typesetting Dr Geoff Smith University of Bath
BMO booklet Mr Jamie Bell Trinity College, Cambridge
Mr Freddie Illingworth Emmanuel College, Cambridge
BMOS website Dr Joseph Myers CodeSourcery / Mentor Graphics