British Mathematical Olympiad

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European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad

The first European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad, organised by UKMT and Murray Edwards College, Cambridge, was held in April 2012. This is now an annual competition.

The UK team is selected on the basis of BMO1 and BMO2 results.

Teams consist of four people. There are two papers, each of four questions in 2012, three questions from 2013 onwards, with each question marked out of 7 points.

Year Town Country Dates Papers Team Leader’s report
2012 (home) Cambridge United Kingdom 10–16 April day 1, day 2 PDF
2013 Luxembourg City Luxembourg 8–14 April day 1, day 2 HTML or PDF
2014 (home) Antalya Turkey 10–16 April day 1, day 2 HTML or PDF
2015 Minsk Belarus 14–20 April day 1, day 2
2016 (home) Bușteni Romania 10–16 April day 1, day 2
2017 (home) Zürich Switzerland 6–12 April day 1, day 2
2018 (home) Florence Italy 9–15 April day 1, day 2
2019 (home) Kyiv Ukraine 7–13 April day 1, day 2
2020 (home) Egmond aan Zee Netherlands 15–21 April
2021 Kutaisi Georgia 9–15 April

Our thanks to Man Group for their support of EGMO. A press release from Man Group about EGMO 2016 is available, as is one about EGMO 2019.

The UK Mathematical Olympiad for Girls (UK MOG) is held annually to identify students to engage in training for EGMO. Students who are not involved in training are still eligible for selection for the team.