British Mathematical Olympiad

IMO programme prizes

UKMT gives annual prizes to participants in the olympiad programme, presented at the IMO Lecture and Celebration.

IMO Programme Prize

The UKMT tankard is awarded to a student or students who show excellent promise and significant improvement during their first year of involvement with the IMO programme.

2023Neil Prabhu, Elsa Lin

Christopher Bradley Prize

The Bradley prize is awarded to a student or students for an outstanding solution to a geometry problem while representing the UK at an international competition.

2023Huyen Pham

(The Christopher Bradley elegance prize was formerly awarded (2014–2019) for elegant solutions to BMO2 problems.)

David Monk Prize

The Monk prize is awarded to a first-time UK author for composing an outstanding problem used on a BMO paper or for an international competition or shortlist.

2023Rhys Lewis