British Mathematical Olympiad

Use of BMO material

UKMT asserts copyright over the BMO papers and other competitions. In what follows “permission from UKMT” is taken to mean “explicit written permission from the Managing Director of the UK Maths Trust”.

Papers and Problems

In accordance with “fair use” principles, public-facing discussion (in any medium, including articles, books, forum posts, online blogs) of an individual question and its associated solution is permitted. However, the systematic analysis of multiple questions is not permitted in any public-facing medium without permission from UKMT.

  • “Systematic analysis of multiple questions” includes i) solutions to all or most questions from an individual paper; ii) solutions to all or most BMO questions on a particular topic over a multi-year range. In both cases, it is not permitted regardless of how the material is divided for presentation (eg a long single video, or a channel of short videos are considered equivalent).

Official written solutions

Commercial use of official written solutions without permission from UKMT is forbidden.

Official video solutions

Videos produced by UKMT relating to BMO1 and other competitions are copyright.

  • Any commercial use of these videos without permission from UKMT is forbidden. However, permission is granted for viewing in an educational establishment.
  • Such videos, whether in part or in full, may not be uploaded to the internet without permission from UKMT. “The internet” is considered to include video-sharing sites (such as Youtube), social media platforms, and online or app-based forums of all kinds.
  • However, permission is granted for a school to place this material on its school intranet provided both (a) access is password protected, and confined to the school community and (b) people viewing are made aware that UKMT asserts copyright over this video material, and that there are restrictions on its use.

Geoff Smith, Chair of UKMT
Dominic Yeo, Chair of BMO
November 2023