British Mathematical Olympiad

News: Balkan Mathematical Olympiad results (7–8 May 2005)

The UK team in the Balkan Mathematical Olympiad have achieved the following scores. Each question is marked out of ten; the problems are available on the Balkan Mathematical Olympiad website. The medal cutoffs are 33 for gold, 22 for silver and 10 for bronze.

Konrad Dąbrowski32005
Chris Kerr0101112Bronze
Edward Newkirk01089
Jack Shotton1010011Bronze
Lee Zhao01045
Bo Zheng1020012Bronze

The UK placed 11th out of 14 teams at the olympiad:

189 Romania
146 Bulgaria
139 Moldova
134 Kazakhstan
128 Romania B
127 Turkey
115 Hungary
99 Greece, Serbia and Montenegro
71 Albania
54 UK
48 Macedonia
30 Yakutia
23 Cyprus

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