British Mathematical Olympiad

News: IMO 2005 results (16–20 July 2005)

The IMO papers were sat on 13 and 14 July. The results of the UK team members are shown below. We came 13th out of 91 countries competing with one Gold, three Silver and two Bronze medals and a score of 159 out of 252. This score of 159 is our highest since 1996, as is our total of four Gold or Silver medals. Martin Orr is the first ever IMO Gold medallist from Northern Ireland. The medal boundaries were 35 for gold, 23 for silver and 12 for bronze. The team have now returned to the UK, and their success will be celebrated at the Royal Society on Monday 19 September; Professor Frances Kirwan, FRS will give the 28th annual IMO lecture, on “Topology, Geometry and Strings”. See also Adrian’s last bulletin below.

Saul Glasman27073120Bronze
Nathan Kettle77773233Silver
Andre Kueh37771732Silver
Matthew Lee17077123Silver
Martin Orr77677135Gold
Jack Shotton27070016Bronze

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