British Mathematical Olympiad

News: BMO Round 2 marked (6 February 2010, New Zealand results added 11 February)

BMO Round 2 was marked in London on 6 February. Invitations to the Trinity training camp will be sent shortly to selected candidates eligible to represent the UK at the IMO, and details of marks will be sent to schools. The following candidates scored 20 or more out of 40; 13 candidates in New Zealand also sat the paper, their scripts were marked in New Zealand using the same mark schemes as used in the UK and such candidates are marked “(NZ)” below.

Jack Smith39
Luke Betts30
Andrew Carlotti30
Malcolm Granville (NZ)30
Andrew Hyer30
Sergei Patiakin30
Richard Freeland29
Aled Walker29
Jordan Millar27
David Phillips23
Hyunjik Kim21
Geoffrey Penington21
Maithra Raghu21
Nathan Brown20
Martin Chan20
Ruth Franklin20
Yuhan Gao20
Daniel Hu20
Zhi Qiao20
Tomas Zeman20
Chuwei Zhang20

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