British Mathematical Olympiad

News: Weather conditions and BMO Round 1 (1 December 2010)

Given the current weather conditions, and the possibility of school closures continuing on Thursday 2 December, it is possible that students in affected areas may be unable to attend school on Thursday and sit BMO1.

On no account should a student or teacher place him or herself in danger merely in order to facilitate the sitting of BMO1. Here is the BMO committee’s advice in the event that weather interferes with the sitting of BMO1 (Thursday 2 December):

In the event of weather preventing a candidate from sitting BMO1 on 2 December, he or she should

(a) Refrain from using the internet until after the paper is sat.

(b) Not discuss the paper with anyone.

(c) Sit the paper as soon as possible after 2 December 2010.

Would teachers please email indicating if they expect to sit late, and when they hope to sit, and include explanatory notes with their late scripts.

The BMO committee reserves the right to withhold prizes if they suspect that the integrity of the competition may have been compromised.

We would also ask those not affected not to discuss any aspect of BMO1 2010/11 in a public forum until we advise here. The paper and solutions video will only appear after we lift the embargo.

Geoff Smith
for the BMO Committee

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