British Mathematical Olympiad

News: BMO Round 1 marked (10–14 December 2010, New Zealand results added 24 December, high scores from late scripts added 20 January 2011)

BMO Round 1 was marked in Cambridge on 10–12 December; 19 candidates in New Zealand also sat the paper, their scripts were marked in New Zealand using the same mark schemes as used in the UK, and such candidates are marked “(NZ)” below. Results and marked scripts will be sent to schools in January. The following candidates scored 40 or more out of 60.

Edward Godfrey60
Malcolm Granville (NZ)60
Jordan Millar59
Tom Yan (NZ)58
Zhi Qiao52
Ha Young Shin (NZ)52
Ben Elliott50
Sahl Khan50
Jason Long50
Vishal Patil50
Aphinya Siranart50
Guanting Wu50
Jiasheng Chen49
James Aaronson48
Sam Cappleman-Lynes48
Andrew Carlotti48
Matthew Leach48
Qiyue Zhao48
Robert Zhang (NZ)47
Adam Dougall42
Dalton Fung41
Jonathan Kwan41
James Allen (NZ)40
Martin Chan40
Andrea Chlebikova40
Oliver Feng40
Adam Goucher40
Sherry Jiang40
Joshua Lam40
Nicholas Leung40
Qikun Liu40
Matei Mandache40
Tanon Protpagorn40
Bingren Wang40

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