British Mathematical Olympiad

News: Mathematics Ashes results (13 July 2011)

The fourth Mathematics Ashes competition, decided on the results of yesterday’s practice exam at the joint pre-IMO training camp in Cambridge, was tied with the teams each scoring 66 points; the results for the two teams were as follows:

CodeName Q1Q2Q3
UNK1James Aaronson 770
UNK2Andrew Carlotti715
UNK3Ben Elliott 752
UNK4Adam Goucher 720
UNK5Josh Lam 710
UNK6Jordan Millar 710
AUS1Nancy Fu 700
AUS2Timothy Large 770
AUS3Declan Gorey 750
AUS4Colin Lu 713
AUS5Yanning Xu 270
AUS6Angel Yu 760

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