British Mathematical Olympiad

News: IMO squad expanded (1 May 2012)

Following his performance at the Balkan Mathematical Olympiad, Matei Mandache has been added to the squad from which the team for the IMO in Mar del Plata, Argentina will be selected. The squad of nine, from which a team of six and three reserves will be selected, now is:

James AaronsonSt Paul’s School
Sam Cappleman-LynesShebbear College
Andrew CarlottiSir Roger Manwood’s School
Gabriel GendlerQueen Elizabeth’s School
Adam GoucherNetherthorpe School
Daniel HuCity of London School
Joshua LamThe Leys School
Matei MandacheLoughborough Grammar School
Katya RichardsSchool of St Helen and St Katharine

The Team Leader is Dr James Cranch of the University of Sheffield and the Deputy Leader is Jack Shotton of Imperial College, London. Dr Geoff Smith of the University of Bath, elected member of the IMO Advisory Board, will be Observer with Leader and Beverley Detoeuf of UKMT will be Observer with Contestants. The IMO will take place from 4–16 July. The final team will be selected at the Oundle training camp held 2–6 June.

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