British Mathematical Olympiad

News: Mathematics Ashes results (7 July 2012)

The UK has won the fifth Mathematics Ashes competition, decided on the results of today’s practice exam at the joint pre-IMO training camp in Quilmes; the results for the two teams were as follows, with the UK scoring a total of 72 and Australia scoring a total of 52:

CodeName Q1Q2Q3Total
UNK1James Aaronson 70714
UNK2Sam Cappleman-Lynes7018
UNK3Andrew Carlotti 70714
UNK4Daniel Hu 70714
UNK5Josh Lam 67013
UNK6Matei Mandache 7029
AUS1Kaimyn Chapman 7018
AUS2Nancy Fu 7108
AUS3Alexander Gunning 70714
AUS4Jason Kwong 7007
AUS5John Papantoniou 7007
AUS6Yanning Xu 7108

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