British Mathematical Olympiad

News: UK MOG marked (17 October 2014)

The UK Mathematical Olympiad for Girls (UK MOG) was marked on 4–5 October in Cambridge. The following candidates scored 31 or more out of 50. Results will be received by schools after half-term.

Kirsten Land50
Mingdu Li48
Danshu Zhang43
Joanna Yass42
Olivia Aaronson41
Rosie Cates41
Liberty Jones41
Sophie Maclean39
Tomoka Kan38
Duo Zhao36
Claire Jang35
Jinhao Lon34
Georgina Majury34
Katherine Horton33
Jackie Li33
Eve Pound33
Marguerite Tong33
Alice Vaughan-Williams33
Xinyu Shen32
Polina Skliarevitch32
Julie Jouas Yosano31
Naomi Wei31

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