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News: UK MOG prize winners (24 October 2014)

The following participants in the UK Mathematical Olympiad for Girls (UK MOG) have been awarded book prizes.

Olivia Aaronson
Hannah Black
Rosie Cates
Sophie Crane
Yanni Du
Katherine Horton
Olivia Hu
Claire Jang
Liberty Jones
Sophie Jones
Julie Jouas Yosano
Tomoka Kan
Kirsten Land
Bridget Langford
Jackie Li
Sophie Maclean
Georgina Majury
Eve Pound
Sophie Sadler
Xinyu Shen
Polina Skliarevitch
Marguerite Tong
Alice Vaughan-Williams
Naomi Wei
Emily Wolfenden
Joanna Yass
Danshu Zhang
Duo Zhao

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