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News: UK MOG marked (19 October 2015)

The UK Mathematical Olympiad for Girls (UK MOG) was marked on 10–11 October in Cambridge. The following candidates scored 45 or more out of 50. Results will be received by schools after half-term.

Rosie Cates50
Louisa Cullen50
Tomoka Kan50
Kirsten Land50
Jackie Li50
Sophie Maclean50
Naomi Wei50
Rose Blyth49
Siqi Fang49
Caroline Harwin49
Melissa Quail49
Alevtina Studenikina49
Roan Talbut49
Jessica Wang49
Alice Vaughan-Williams48
Emma Vinen48
Catherine Wooller48
Ebony Zhang48
Emma Brown47
Lydia Buckingham47
Katherine Horton47
Leonie Woodland46
Sophie Crane45
Lara Gordon45
Lucy Wan45

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