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News: UK MOG prize winners (17 December 2016)

The following participants in the UK Mathematical Olympiad for Girls (UK MOG) scored 30 or more out of 50 and have been awarded book prizes.

Alevtina Studenikina44
Wendi Fan43
Phoebe Jackson42
Zijia (Emily) Li40
Katherine Horton39
Shuqi Huang39
Melissa Quail36
Georgina Lang35
Aalia Adam34
Louisa Cullen34
Hannah Erlebach34
Naomi Bazlov33
Fiona Wilson33
Emilia Feldman32
Niamh Lister32
Florence Miller32
Megumi Sano32
Andrea Sendula32
Naomi Wei32
Siana Zhekova32
Molly Barker31
Emma Brown31
Weida Liao31
Amelia Rout31
Alice Vaughan-Williams31
Kristina Buck30
Coral Dalitz30
Yilan (Ellen) Jiang30
Roan Talbut30
Chloe Thickett30
Ruihua Zhang30

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