British Mathematical Olympiad

News: BMO Round 1 marked (3 January 2018, report added 4 January 2018, New Zealand results added 19 January 2018)

BMO Round 1 was marked in Cambridge on 8–10 December. (Some candidates from other countries also sat the paper, with their scripts being marked using the same mark schemes, and high scores from those countries are also indicated below when available.) The following candidates scored 58 or more out of 60. Gold medals are awarded for scores of 59 or more, silver medals for scores of 50 to 58, bronze medals for scores of 42 to 49, certificates of distinction for scores of 28 and above. The report for schools, with statistics on results, is also available.

The BMO2 qualifying cut-off scores are 47 for students in year 13 (England and Wales), year S6 (Scotland), year 14 (Northern Ireland); 42 for students in year 12 (England and Wales), year S5 (Scotland), year 13 (Northern Ireland); 37 for students in year 11 (England and Wales), year S4 (Scotland), year 12 (Northern Ireland); and 35 for students in lower school years. Scoring at least the cut-off on BMO1 gives free entry to BMO2 provided that the candidate is eligible to represent the UK at the IMO. Any participant in BMO1 may enter BMO2 by paying the entry fee. BMO2 will take place on 25 January.

Agnijo Banerjee60
Emily Beatty60
Andrew Chen (NZ)60
Gabriele Corso60
Nathan Creighton60
Leran Dai60
Alex Darby60
Liam Hill60
Thomas Hillman60
Matthew Jolly60
Benedict Randall Shaw60
Amelia Rout60
Yuriy Tumarkin60
Tommy Walker Mackay60
Patrick Winter60
Bruce Xu60
Harvey Yau60
Boon Han (Nathaniel) Ang59
Giles Shaw59
Aron Thomas59
Thien Udomsrirungruang59
Luke Barratt58
Naomi Bazlov58
Pino Cholsaipant58
Louisa Cullen58
Thomas Finn58
Melissa Quail58
James Sun58
Mervyn Tong58

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