British Mathematical Olympiad

News: UK MOG markers’ report and prize winners (5 November 2019)

The markers’ report for the 2019 UK Mathematical Olympiad for Girls paper is now available, including extended discussions of the problems and the approaches taken by candidates. The following participants scored 46 or more out of 50 and have been awarded book prizes.

Naomi Bazlov50
Sarah Gleghorn50
Jennifer Hu50
Suzie Huang50
Kitty Knight50
Yuhka Machino50
Louise Mitchell50
Fan Natalie50
Tamsin Sandhu50
Sophia Sergeeva50
Holly Sewell50
Emma (Yu Tong) Wei50
Sarah Henderson49
Yihua Luo49
Jessica Wang49
Weixi Wang49
Ella Warde49
Miranda Connolley48
Sara d'Attanasio48
Lily Kearney48
Eleanor Kneip48
Hannay Mia48
Heidi Rhodes James48
Jessica Richards48
Jenni Voon48
Gracie Zhou48
Claire Carlotti47
Joana Kirilova47
Weiheli Li47
Zhizhen Liu47
Abigail Tan47
Emily Wright47
Shengxi Huang46
Emily Hudson46
Sophie Hume46
Phoenix Mombru46
Leoni Pugh46

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