British Mathematical Olympiad

News: Mathematics Ashes results (5 July 2023)

The 16th Mathematics Ashes competition, decided on the results of today’s practice exam at the joint pre-IMO training camp, was tied; the results for the two teams were as follows, with each team scoring a total of 89:

CodeName Q1Q2Q3Total
UNK1Hanks Chong 74011
UNK2Alex Chui 77721
UNK3Thomas Kavanagh 77014
UNK4Isaac King 77115
UNK5Sida Li 77014
UNK6William Thomson 77014
AUS1William Cheah 73717
AUS2Sizhe Pan 77115
AUS3Zian Shang 77014
AUS4Christopher Tran77115
AUS5Cloris Xu 77014
AUS6Iris Xu 77014

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