British Mathematical Olympiad

News: Mathematical Ashes results (14 July 2008)

Australia has won the inaugural Mathematical Ashes competition, decided on the results of the final practice exam at the joint pre-IMO training camp in Lisbon; the results for the two teams were as follows:

UNK1Tim Hennock710
UNK2Peter Leach220
UNK3Tom Lovering770
UNK4Freddie Manners710
UNK5Dominic Yeo770
UNK6Alison Zhu700
AUS1Paul Cheung770
AUS2Andrew Elvey Price770
AUS3Giles Gardam710
AUS4Irene Lo710
AUS5Max Menzies770
AUS6Sampson Wong707

For more details of the competition and a picture of the urn in which the ashes will be placed, see the news story from the Australian Mathematics Trust.

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