British Mathematical Olympiad

News: BMO Round 1 marked (12–14 December 2014)

BMO Round 1 was marked in Cambridge on 12–14 December. (Some candidates from other countries also sat the paper, with their scripts being marked using the same mark schemes, and high scores from those countries are also indicated below when available.) The following candidates scored 51 or more out of 60.

Joe Benton60
Alex Harris60
Lawrence Hollom60
Liam Hughes60
Samuel Kittle60
Kyung Chan Lee60
Warren Li60
Milton Lin60
Bhavik Mehta60
Harry Metrebian60
Neel Nanda60
Philip Peters60
Harvey Yau60
Jiani Li59
Yuyang Miao59
Xiangjia Kong58
Xiao Ma58
Luke Gardiner (Ireland)57
Hugo Aaronson55
Yuan Gao55
Hoseong Seo55
Chen Lu54
Michael Ng53
Chikashi Rison53
Olivia Aaronson52
Jongheon Jeon52
Gareth Jones52
Askhat Sarkeev52
Valeriia Gladkova51
Alex Gunasekera51
Tomoka Kan51
Chris Liu51
Nico Marrin51
Conor Murphy51
Joon Young Yoon51

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