British Mathematical Olympiad

News: BMO Round 2 marked (8 February 2015)

BMO Round 2 was marked in London on 7 February. (Some candidates from other countries also sat the paper, with their scripts being marked using the same mark schemes, and high scores from those countries will be added below when available.) Invitations to the Trinity training camp will be sent shortly to selected candidates eligible to represent the UK at the IMO, and details of marks will be sent to schools. The following candidates scored 20 or more out of 40.

Yuan Gao40
Harvey Yau40
Joe Benton39
Harry Metrebian33
Samuel Kittle31
Andrew Kenyon-Roberts30
Philip Peters30
Askhat Sarkeev30
Xiangjia Kong29
Renzhi Zhou26
Mark Cooper23
Alex Harris23
Jiani Li23
Neel Nanda23
Marcus Roberts23
Joshua Rowley23
Joshua Garfinkel22
Lawrence Hollom22
Richard Law22
Chenyu Liu22
Shenyang Wu22
Olivia Aaronson21
Kyung Chan Lee21
Thomas Wilkinson21
Jamie Bell20
Rosie Cates20
Liam Hughes20
Gareth Jones20
Kirsten Land20
Leslie Leung20
Rory Mclaurin20
Yuyang Miao20
Thomas Read20
Alex Rice20
Yukuan Tao20
Benjie Wang20
Joanna Yass20

The Christopher Bradley elegance prize is not awarded.

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