British Mathematical Olympiad

BMO1 2009/2010 Solutions

The problems are also available.


Problem 1

Problem 2

Problem 3

Problem 4

Problem 5

Problem 6

Information about UKMT books

The books mentioned are, in sequence:

  • A Mathematical Olympiad Primer by Geoff Smith.
  • Plane Euclidean Geometry: Theory and Problems by Christopher Bradley and Tony Gardiner.
  • Introductions to Number Theory and Inequalities by Christopher Bradley (two books in one, out of print until 2010; revised edition pending).
  • New Problems in Euclidean Geometry by David Monk.
  • The Backbone of Pascal’s Triangle by Martin Griffiths.
  • Crossing the Bridge by Gerry Leversha (Geometry).

These are available to purchase from UKMT, and currently priced at £11 or £13, including postage and packing, for UK customers; there are increased carriage charges for purchasers outside the UK. Discounts can be negotiated for bulk purchases.

Information about NRICH

There is an NRICH page for people who have just sat BMO1.


These solutions are also available to download (MP4 format):

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Videos using Flowplayer; source code available.