British Mathematical Olympiad

IMO selection tests

Since 1985, further selection tests have been used, following the papers that are now BMO1 and BMO2, to select the IMO team. (The team was selected following the single BMO paper from 1967 to 1971, then following the FIST paper for some years from 1972.) Initially these third-stage tests resulted in selection of both team and reserve; from 1993 a squad (team plus reserve) was selected following these tests with the team being separated from the reserve after further correspondence training, and after further selection tests from 2001 onwards. The third-stage tests have had names including FIST 2 (1985), Second International Selection Test (SIST), Reading Selection Test (1987), Final Selection Test (FST, 1992 to 2001), First Selection Test (FST, 2002 to 2016) and Team Selection Test (TST, from 2017); the fourth-stage tests have been Team Selection Test (TST, 2001 and from 2017) and Next Selection Test (NST, 2002–2016). These tests have been held at residential training and selection camps in various locations, lately Trinity College, Cambridge and Oundle School (the latter having moved to Tonbridge School from 2015).

Past papers:

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